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During Fisker's recent earnings call, and in it Henrik Fisker teased the PEAR with a couple of renderings of the production design.

With the Ocean on a roll, Fisker updated the call audience on the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution (P.E.A.R.) hatchback (pictured above), showing a couple of renderings of the series production design. The company has more than 5,600 reservations for the Pear, still planned to start at $29,900. Aero testing has reportedly supported claims the long-range version will go "well over 300 miles." On top of that, next-gen functionality and features will be thanks in part to "a truly revolutionary electrical architecture with the many ECUs in the traditional vehicle consolidated down to just a few central computer units, which we call the Blade computer."

And with plans to release vehicles in other segments, the boss touched on the planned Alaska electric pickup. Said to be a lifestyle truck loosely based on the Ocean, it will "have some amazing features that have never been done on a pickup truck before." The Ronin convertible is also due for a conceptual debut this year.

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